Established in 1987, Shri Shyam Tilpatti Udhog specializes in manufacturing of Gajak, Chikki, Tilpatti and many winter sweets. With our head office located in Jaipur, the company also deals in the export of their products to various parts of India. Shri Shyam Tilpatti Udhog inspires and innovates with a unique & wide range of Gajaks and Tilpattis. This allows us to accommodate consumer wishes and expectations through high-quality products with authentic flavors and taste sensations.

With our mission of serving the best quality sweets, we use all ethical measures in the manufacturing, retailing and exporting of our products.

Above all, we are dedicated to creating a safe, dynamic and gratifying environment so compelling, our customers, suppliers and co-workers want to participate in achieving mutual success.