"You Don't have to eat less, You just have to eat right"

  • Dryfruit Til Laddu
  • ₹500.00

    laddu made with all mix  of dryfruits, Jaggery / gur / gud / gul contains lot of iron & is natural hemoglobin booster. richness of dryfruit being good for digestion & good natural cleansing agent for body, it is being used in India as natural after meal or dessert since ages. ingre..
  • Choclate Til Laddu
  • ₹600.00

    Laddu or laddoo or avinsh is a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian subcontinent. Laddus are primarily made from flour, fat and sugar.but choclate with til is an amazing flavour," change taste change your mood" with special choclate til laddu which is hygienically  for extra fre..
  • Special Til Mawa Laddu
  • ₹600.00

    Khoa or Khoya is a dairy product, originating from the Indian subcontinent, widely used in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, encompassing India,. The seeds are often blended with warm jaggery, sugar, or palm sugar and mawa  made into balls and consumed as a snack as Til ka ladoo. In addi..
  • Special Til Laddu
  • ₹400.00

    Winter is the period when sugarcane is harvested. It is also when large quantities of laddu are made in many towns and even villages. However, as the demand persists throughout the year, smaller quantities are made round the year.laddu's is generally associated with Makar Sankranti, the harvest fest..
  • Choclate Barfi
  • ₹720.00

    Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and many foodstuffs involving chocolate exist,choclate barfi is also as amazing gajak used as servinf dessert,and gifts to your familyINGREDIENTS;-SESAME SEEDS,PEANUT,JAGGERY,DRYFRUITS,CARDAMOM,SUGAR,GLUCOSE,CHOCLATE..
  • Twist Barfi Bite
  • ₹720.00

    Gajak barfi is an amazing twist taste texture of both jaggery and sugar .the soft texture gajak is includes healthy nutrients of dryfruits and sesame seeds,peanut etc. Phytoestrogens are compounds found in sesame seeds that may benefit women who are undergoing menopause INGREDIENTS;-..
  • Mewa Barfi
  • ₹720.00

    This is one of the most special of sstu with lots of dryfruits and mixtures of peanuts and seasume seeds which boost your energy fitness trainer approves of gajak as a post-workout snackINGREDIENTS;-SESAME SEEDS,PEANUT,JAGGERY,DRYFRUITS,CARDAMOM,SUGAR,GLUCOSE,PISTACHIOUS..